Agonising airbag calibration testing of GMA T.50  

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Within the newest behind the scenes footage from Gordon Murray Automotive, the T.50 is put by way of an agonising airbag calibration testing session. This isn’t for the squeamish! Agonising airbag calibration

It appears to be like like sacrilege and it certain feels prefer it too however this isn’t carried out in useless by these hellbent on destruction, or higher generally known as the labcoats of ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg. Like every new automotive, the GMA T.50 is required to be put by way of in depth testing earlier than it’s ever imparted into the care of the few prospects that may afford one. They’re pushed in harsh circumstances for hundreds of kilometres within the title of reliability to make sure the elements don’t fail however prototypes and take a look at automobiles are additionally handed over to bureaus to check the essential side of security.

Right here, the T.50 goes by way of an agonising airbag calibration take a look at which has the V12 mannequin put by way of the gauntlet. This contains simulated potholes, uneven cobblestone surfaces, being launched off a ramp, a simulated metal curb collision and even being pushed up a gravel mound. The mannequin can also be pushed right into a simulated wild boar weighing in at 80 kg all to make sure the airbags are appropriately calibrated and don’t deploy when they don’t seem to be required to. 

The XP1 mannequin proven right here, or the primary prototype, is nearly on the finish of testing life cycle. Thereafter will probably be utilized by the service group as a coaching instrument earlier than being retired completely within the Gordon Murray Automotive museum. 

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