CHARGE IT TO EXPERIENCE- saving lead acid batteries

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 Lead Acid batteries will likely be with us for some time longer until the a lot improved Li-ion selection lastly take full management.


I learnt a tough lesson in the course of the many months of lock-down. Cars were left idle and batteries went flat. To be ready I had a automobile away from house completely related to a battery charger. It didn’t work and the battery was unable to begin the automobile. I eliminated the battery, took it house and proceeded to research.


We’ve got all learn the promoting on prime of a battery. Upkeep-free, it says, or one thing comparable. This isn’t true. It might be so for the primary two to a few years however then the extent will inevitably drop till the lead plates are now not submerged in acid. That is when the battery begins to descend into scrap worth, or junk-status like some economies. It was too late for this one, however there have been others and I instantly examined these.


The variations of lead/acid embrace Flooded, GEL and AGM. Most stay flooded, which means plates lined by sulphuric acid. GEL makes use of a silica to thicken the electrolyte and AGM means absorbent glass mat, all to forestall spillage and scale back evaporation. However not completely.


Like so many issues, the answer is sort of easy. Begin by eradicating the plastic promoting on the battery. Subsequent, discover the plastic cowl plate that takes the place of the older particular person screw-in caps. Value it off with a screwdriver and hey presto. You look down into the person six cells making up a 12V battery.


I purchased a 5-litre jug of distilled water from a spares store. It was simply as properly I didn’t purchase only one bottle as the quantity I wanted was substantial. One battery wanted a full two litres of water whereas a second required 1,5-litres. These lead acid batteries have been round three years outdated. Now, two years later, they’re nonetheless all working nice.



It’s simple to overlook the passing years, particularly as one will get older. Ideally, one ought to test the degrees yearly. I consider these batteries can nonetheless final for as much as eight years or extra with common checks. Oh, and if in any respect attainable, by no means let a battery run fully flat. They’ll solely deal with a number of flat episodes earlier than giving up and dying. For motorbike batteries, a smaller charger could also be wanted. The one illustrated can deal with 6V batteries too. Helpful for these load-shedding transportable LED lamps.