How To Buy The Right Part At The Best Price… Every Time?

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So we don’t mean to brag… But we have aced it! No more spending hours trying to find the right car part at the cheapest price online and then having to wait ages for it to arrive!

How Can You Be So Sure?

Take Amazon… Whilst we love it dearly and Prime has become a godsend for everyone, finding the right part for your car is never a simple task.

Just try inserting your vehicle via the drop downs or even using the Vehicle Registration tool and you’ll be blessed with hundreds of parts for your car. Drill that down even further to Brake Pads, and then sort by “Lowest Price First” and you will not only be shown brake pads for your Volkswagen Polo, but also Brake Pads for a bicycle.

How is this possible?!

Amazon uses a catalogue style system similar to what eBay are trying to achieve. This means they try and combine the same parts into one listing resulting in less results. Whilst on the surface this sounds fantastic, but it still relies heavily on user interaction. All it takes is a seller to list incorrectly… And it causes issues for all.

So How Does Compare The Car Part Differ? And How Does It Work?

We understood this issue and drilled down deeper into the realms of part comparison… Using the analogy:

“Our mission is to simplify how car parts are ordered, making choosing a car part as easy as ordering a coffee. Find the cheapest, closest or brand of your choice”

We have done just that! Without even getting into the ins and outs of product variations (just yet), let us show you a basic process on purchasing through our site.

1 – Load The Website

Being a Mobile first application we have come to realise the importance of convenience. Whether it be purchasing the part quickly whilst you are outside working on your car or whether its as you sit at the local service station thinking about the parts you need to change on your vehicle at the weekend… Everything is available with just a few clicks on mobile!

2 – Enter Your Vehicle Details

Depending on where you are from we have enabled two options for entering your vehicle. The first a Vehicle Registration Lookup. This currently works for Irish and United Kingdom Number plates but as we grow, we look to expand this into other countries.

The alternative option is to manually select your vehicle from the drop downs. Time has been carefully spent to build a relationship between these and the parts that fit these vehicles, so ensure you select your vehicle correctly.

3 – Select A Main Category

Once you have selected your vehicle, it’s time to choose a category. For our example we are looking for Brake Discs, so we select “Brake System

4 – Select The Sub Category

Scroll down until you find “Brake Discs”. We have smartly articulated a way to enable the top searches to appear at the top to reduce your time scrolling… Smart HEY!

5 – Select A Position

If you are looking for a part like an “Air Filter” you won’t have the option to select a position, however something like “Brake Discs” you will have the option of “Front” or “Rear”. Once you select a fitting position an additional option will appear.

6 – Choose A Yin or Yang

This is where we have spent years perfecting a data procedure that not only aligns products with the same family tree into a set product range but we have also narrowed down to the specifics for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, in some instances there may be a variant that applies to your vehicle. For example, whilst you and your friend have exactly the same Ford Fiesta 1.6 2003 model. You may have purchased the model from new and upgraded the brakes to the sports brakes whilst your friend decided not to. That means despite the fact your car is exactly the same specification there is one difference which could be a deciding factor for your brake discs.

This is where our “Yin Yang” Decider comes in… We help make it clear what the difference is. The question may be something like; “For Vented Brake Discs Only” or “Solid Brake Discs Only”. Or it could be what brake system do you have? Then you choose from the options to show which brake discs are made exactly for your vehicle!

In Most cases we’ve been smart enough to answer this for you, however sadly sometimes we cannot drill down to this much detail… More on this in another post!

7 – Choose A Brand

Once you have chosen your Yin or Yang to find the pairing Brake Discs for your car. You will land on the results page. This gives you the flexibility to choose a brand of Brake Discs.

Here you can choose from price or just by the brands you trust. As the site progresses we will be adding ratings, sortable price options and much more!

8 – Choose Your Store

Now we are onto the final part of the process… Once you have chosen a Brand you want to purchase a box will expand to show you the stores where this product is available. Whether it be Amazon, eBay or other Third Party offerings, the prices show here. From this you can decide on your preference of seller and click the link to purchase from them.

9 – Redirected To The Store

Finally, you are redirected to the store to which you can choose your delivery options, sign in and all those essentials.

And then you wait!

It Really Is That Simple!

You can go from being completely lost on which Brake Discs fit your vehicle, to having them ordered in under 10 steps!  

What makes this even better is you can also find the cheapest place online to buy them within the same amount of steps!

Thank us later!


Our primary source of funding for this project is via Affiliations. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases allowing us to expand and grow our site further to help improve our results for your use experience.

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