Jay Leno’s classic Apollo GT is the American Ferrari

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Picture: Jay Leno’s Storage

Little is thought in regards to the uncommon Apollo GT however the American Ferrari, as additionally it is identified, appears so just like its European counterparts of the 60s because it shares design DNA with them. 

Apollo GT
Picture: Jay Leno’s Storage

Jay Leno goes into far more detail in his YouTube video on this basic Apollo GT than we are able to succinctly summate into this write up right here however there are a couple of key details that make this superbly crafted mannequin so distinctive and interesting to the attention.

It might be powered by a brute American V8, compliments of a 3,5-litre Buick unit however the basic Apollo GT’s bodywork was partly conceived by iconic Italian automotive designer Franco Scaglione. He’s the person behind the 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale which is arguably essentially the most stunning automotive of all time however the American Ferrari adopted its title partly as a result of its bodywork was hand shaped in Torino, Italy which is why it appears so iconically like a coupe and convertible from the boot of Europe within the Nineteen Sixties. 

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It might not have had the identical uncooked energy of the V12 powered Ferrari’s of the time, however the 168 kW output was nonetheless spectacular. Solely 88 Apollo GT fashions had been ever produced making it extremely uncommon and wanted with solely 55 surviving as we speak. Jay Leno obtained the keys to Kurt Brakhage’s instance which he obtained to expertise on this video. 

This particular mannequin was owned by Brakhage’s father, a dream automotive of his, which he purchased 19 years in the past at 72 years outdated. It had been in storage for 1 / 4 of a decade when Brakhage had made the acquisition and its lack of use required some work. Thus, in 2017, a restoration course of started which is why the Apollo GT we see right here appears prefer it has come straight out of the field.