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Jun 11
Where To Buy Car Parts Online?

We rely on our cars a lot in our lives and finding out that our cars are not working and that you are going to need a part to fix it, well, this is never going to be good news for you. Buying car parts not only means that you need to spend out, but […]

Jan 25
How Do You Know When Your Brake Discs Need Changing?

As part of your vehicle’s braking system your Brake Discs or Brake Rotors are known for their vital role in the safe stopping of your vehicle. As the name of them suggests the are a disc like metal object that is attached to the hub of each wheel and spins around like a rotor when […]

Jan 25
How To Buy The Right Part At The Best Price… Every Time?

So we don’t mean to brag… But we have aced it! No more spending hours trying to find the right car part at the cheapest price online and then having to wait ages for it to arrive! How Can You Be So Sure? Take Amazon… Whilst we love it dearly and Prime has become a […]

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Lacking motor oil and need that fix to keep you going, but don’t want to waste your time with unknown brands? That is where Find Car Garages comes in. 

Find Car Garages is a site run by car enthusiasts for car lovers! We do the hard work so you do not have to. Adding new car garages and car dealers as we find them in South Africa. 

Whether you are looking for the best car garages in Cape Town, or where to get an amazing deal with a great mechanic in the Garden Route, we aim to help provide you not only with a list of results but go one step further in creating a review system that is unbiased and rated only by visitors to the cafes themselves.


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No more cheating the system, arriving disappointed and disheartened by the lack of flavour in your coffee cup, we ensure all reviews are done by visitors. Ensuring we help provide you with the best coffee shops that South Africa has to offer. 

Browse by location, proximity, facilities such as Free WiFi and much more we would love to hear your take on things. 

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