Should I Replace Both Brake Discs At The Same Time?

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A question we are often asked is whether you should replace your Brake Discs as a pair or if it is ok to replace a single disc at a time? Well we thought we should clear the air with this one…

First let us explain the importance of your Brake Discs.

Why Are Brake Discs Important?

Your vehicle’s Braking System is one of the most vital parts to the safety of yourself and others. Whilst it may not occur to you, but a delayed stopping time could be detrimental. This is why we always stress the importance of ensuring your brake discs are maintained along with all other working parts linked to your braking system.

Why Must They Be Maintained?

A worn Brake Disc, will result in a slower stopping time and reduced performance in stopping distance. Have you ever felt your brake pedal with worn brake pads or discs? Well this is exactly what we are referring to.

This is why it is so important that you maintain your brake discs on a regular basis. Whether it be just checking them over or replacing, we recommend servicing them on a regular basis.

Replacing A Single Trainer?

A simple question for you… When you go into a sports shop to replace your trainers, you don’t just ask for a single trainer do you?

Imagine walking out having purchased just the left foot trainer whilst wearing your old trainer on the right foot. Alongside the funny looks you would get it wouldn’t feel the most comfortable would it? Your posture would be awkward where one shoe is worn out whilst the other is new. This not only affects how you walk but also could cause discomfort in your joints.

Imagine that on a vehicle. Stopping with one new brake disc and one old one. The brake pads would contact the new brake disc first before they contacted the old one causing uneven stopping.

This not only affect your stopping power but also wear and tear on various other components. This is why we always recommend changing your brake discs, brake pads and even shock absorbers in pairs.

Sold As Singles Or Pairs?

So now for the confusing part… Why are Brake Discs often sold as singles? Well one thing you will find is they are direction based. So what may fit the right of your vehicle may not necessarily be the same for the left. Take for example drilled and grooved brake disc rotors work by going in a particular direction as the grooves are based on this.

This does not always apply but you will see a variety of manufacturers offering different solutions. For example many Mintex brake discs will come in a single box with Disc 1 and Disc 2 whilst another brand may be separate boxes requiring you to purchase 2.

Be extra careful when purchasing to ensure you have read the small print on quantity included, and how to purchase an additional.

How Do You Know Which Ones Are Right?

Finding the correct Brake Discs for your vehicle should be a walk in the park, however many websites tend to confuse things due to the amount of different variations available for your car.

The key things to note before purchasing is; what brake system do you have? Are your brake discs vented or solid, and of course the diameter of your brake discs. We expand on this in another post found here (LINK).

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How We Can Help?

Whilst many websites will leave you feeling lost on which brake discs to select, we have tried to simplify the process. Take a look at our price comparison part selector tool at for more.


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