The 4 Different Filters You Need To Worry About When Servicing Your Car

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Your vehicles filtration systems are vital to the smooth running of your car. Failure to follow guidelines and change these filters as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer could be detrimental not only to the performance of your vehicle but also to its efficiency.

This alone could cause additional wear and tear on internal components which could end up being a lot more expensive than just changing the filter itself.

With that in mind we break down the 4 different filters you need to worry about. Whilst there are various other filters installed in your vehicle, the following four are key to your day to day running.

Air Filter:

Your vehicle’s Air Filter plays a vital role in the smooth running of your engine. As part of the combustion process air is sucked into the engine to help give your vehicle power at all times. To ensure debris and various other particles are not sucked into your engine an Engine Air Filter is installed to help prevent and block any unwanted contaminants.

This is therefore crucial that your Air Filter is working to its full potential and replaced regularly as recommended by your vehicles owner manual. An old or failed Air Filter could potentially be the cause of lack of power and even engine failure.

Air filters come in all shapes and sizes and it is therefore important to check before purchasing that you are ordering the correct one for your vehicle.

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Cabin Filter:

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a vehicle in front of you letting off far too much smoke and unpleasant smells? Whilst we try to avoid situations like this, it often isn’t possible. Especially with things such as allergies (hay fever etc.). This is where a Cabin Filter or Pollen Filter come into action.

Working in a similar manner to your vehicle’s Air Filter your Cabin Filter ensures it filters the air that goes in and only allows the pure clean air to pass through. Due to your vehicles ventilation system this is set up to ensure you only breath fresh air in through your cabin. Hence the name!

Your Pollen or Cabin Filter is usually located behind your dashboard and can be accessed from the interior of your vehicle. You will usually know when your filter needs changing due to a change of odour within the vehicle or additional noises that were not apparent previously. We do however recommend checking your vehicles owner manual for more information on how regularly these should be changed.

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Fuel Filter:

Your vehicle’s fuel filter can come in various shapes and sizes. It also depends on whether you have a Petrol or Diesel vehicle.

In today’s modern age any fuel you purchase from a local petrol station will be filtered and cleaned to ensure that no contaminants enter your vehicles petrol tank. However, over the years it is likely that debris may enter your tank and sit in your fuel tank.

As this fuel is used the debris will pass through the fuel lines and into the engine. It is therefore vital that this fuel is filtered correctly to not only prevent blockages in the fuel lines but also stop any of these contaminants getting into the engine which could cause performance issues and even damage internal aspects of your engine.

A Fuel Filter is therefore installed to help prevent this. They come in various shapes and sizes and made out of various materials. The most popular styles being In-Line Filters which act as part of the Fuel Line filtering out bad fuel. Whilst the other is Screw on filters which are additions to the line itself.

It is recommended these are maintained as set out in your vehicles owner manual, as failure to change your Fuel Filter could result in a shortage of fuel to your engine and even worst fatal damage to the internal components.

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Oil Filter:

Your engine is full of various moving parts that can potential wear over time if not carefully lubricated and maintained. Engine Oil is used internally to ensure all these moving parts are lubricated at all times reducing wear and tear.

Due to the temperatures and the various moving parts there are often contaminants that find themselves in the oil such as various debris. It is therefore vital that we ensure these small contaminants to not make their way into the engine via the flow of oil.

This is where your vehicle’s Engine Oil Filter comes into play. Acting in a similar manner various other filters in your vehicle. It allows the Oil to pass through your filter whilst preventing any debris to pass through. Collecting it internally to ensure these small pieces cannot be in contact with your engine.

It is therefore vital as part of your vehicle service that when you change your oil you also change your Engine Oil Filter to ensure optimum performance and reduced wear and tear on your engine.  

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Buying Replacement Filters:

The great thing about all of the four filters is they are easy enough to change at home providing you have basic automotive knowledge. The alternative is to get your vehicle serviced at your local garage, where they will check what needs changing and replace it.

If you decide to carry out the work yourself, we recommend checking the filter your vehicle has, as there is often variants that occur and the last thing you want is your vehicle stripped of its filters with the wrong parts. This is why we recommend our search engine and price comparison tool here.(INSERT LINK TO COMPARE THE CAR PART).

Alternatively, if you do get your garage to fit them, we highly recommend purchasing the filters first to save you garage adding an additional fee on top of them buying the filters.


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