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You heard it here first! Compare The Car Part is pushing forward with our plan of disrupting the Automotive online world.

For those that have been following our journey we have been looking into a way to make ordering a part as easy as ordering a coffee. 

Whilst you may feel this has been done with sites such as Euro Car Parts and various other industry leaders, you are wrong… To give you an example of this, just try searching for a set of Volkswagen Polo brake pads and tell us which ones you need… First you have to deal with front and rear, then it depends on what brake callipers you have and so on… We do the hard work for you with just ONE single question!

More on there here… How To Buy The Right Part At The Best Price… Every Time?

The Past Few Months

Over the past few months we have been adding plenty of additional features to the site including:

  • Manufacturer Landing Pages
  • White Label Solutions
  • Amazon Alexa Skills App
  • Global Price Checking
  • Tyre Prices
  • Tool Prices
  • Much More…

Whilst our app is still in Beta we are constantly working to improve the site based on feedback from our users. Whether it be user interface, recommendations on product groups and much more we have been listening. 

So whats next?

Next Step Mobile Takeover

As the world is going mobile, we have promised a mobile first focus to ensure we follow the trends and make ordering a part as easy as possible. 

Just imagine, sitting there waiting for your hair cut and remembering you needed to order brake pads… Well now it is possible in under 5 clicks. 

You can choose based on price, locality or brand! What more could you want? 

The site is fully mobile responsive, however we are looking to aid in a smoother transaction by enabling IOS and Android solutions to suit all… We aren’t biased!

Product Hunt

For those of you that do not know Product Hunt it is an online platform where members can share recent tech, startups, genius ideas and much more. You vote on products that feel work well and can leave feedback to help them.

You can find us here… Here! 

Help Support Us On Product Hunt

With all that being said and done, we would love to hear your feedback on the site so far… What do you love, what do you hate… Where can it be improved? And more importantly please support us by Upvoting us on Product Hunt today! CLICK ME